What is CAPP?

The Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (CAPP) program is committed to adolescent pregnancy prevention and sexual health. CAPP is funded through the New York State Department of Health, Adolescent Bureau. Family Planning of South Central New York (FPSCNY) was awarded the grant in 2010. CAPP allows FPSCNY to:

  • Provide comprehensive, evidence-based sexuality education to promote healthy sexual behaviors (including abstinence) to adolescents aged 11-21.
  • Ensure access to reproductive healthcare and family planning services for teens to prevent pregnancies, STDs and HIV/AIDS.
  • Provide opportunities for teens to have alternatives to sexual activity and develop life skills that can support transitions to a healthy adulthood.
  • Advance local community effort to improve the community’s environment for adolescents, to reduce adolescent pregnancy, STDs and HIV/AIDs rates.

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Be informed!
This site exists to serve as a resource; to inspire curiosity, dispel myths, and answer questions about sexual health. With so much information at your fingertips – literally, how do you know what is fact or fiction? My Life Now was created to give you correct information that you can rely on.


Family Planning of South Central New York’s education department offers age appropriate, medically accurate information. We provide programming in middle schools, high schools, and college settings. Educators are trained to discuss all aspects of reproductive health while encouraging individuals to make responsible decisions.  All education sessions are 100% confidential and can take place individually, in a classroom, or in the community.

Individualized Education

Have questions? Need answers? FPSCNY provides confidential and non-judgmental individualized education in a comfortable setting.  You can schedule an appointment with an educator or drop in to ask questions at any time. Our educators are open to discussing any sexuality related questions you might have. We encourage you to talk to your parents, but we also understand that this topic can be awkward or difficult to talk about

Program Education

We believe that sexuality is a lifelong part of being human. We provide programs that discuss a variety of topics surrounding sexual health including but not limited to abstinence, birth control, and the importance of healthy relationships. Programs are provided in a variety of settings such as classrooms, after school groups, community centers, college dorms, and more. Sample topics are:

Abstinence-First Education
Communication Skills
Dating and Dating Violence
Decision Making
Goal Setting
Healthy Relationships
HIV/AIDS Education
Male Responsibility
Media Messages

Parenting Now or Later
Postponing Sexual Involvement
Puberty Education
Reproductive Life Plan
Refusal Skills
Risk Reduction/Safer Sex
Sexually Transmitted Infections
Self-Esteem and Body Image
Sexual Harassment
Teen Pregnancy Prevention
Technology and Sexuality

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Family Planning of South Central New York - FPSCNY
My Life Now! is a project of Family Planning of South Central New York. FPSCNY is committed to providing our community with the full range of high quality, affordable reproductive health care, with a strong focus on prevention and wellness.