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When things get up close and personal, the rule is always “better safe than sorry.” To properly use a male condom, follow these instructions

  1. Ask for CONSENT
  2. Check expiration date
  3. Check for air pocket
  4. Open package (NO teeth)
  5. Remove condom and make sure it is the right way. Pinch an inch.
  6. Hold the tip and roll down to the base of penis (No Flipping)
  7. When done, hold the base of the condom and withdrawal.
  8. Remove condom away from your partner, tie in knot and dispose in trash can.
  9. Wash your hands, and be proud of yourself for using a condom correctly!

HOW DO YOU GET CONDOMS? Male condoms are FREE at Family Planning of South Central New York. Ask for them at the receptionist’s window. They can be purchased at many drug stores, grocery stores, and other stores in the Family Planning section (usually near the pharmacy).

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