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Can a girl still get pregnant if she’s on top during sex?

Though gravity is a pretty strong force, it has no effect on a woman’s chance of getting pregnant. Anytime someone decides to have vaginal intercourse, a pregnancy can happen. It’s always important to use protection to prevent unplanned pregnancy, no matter which position sex is occurring in.

Last time I used a condom, I had an allergic reaction. Does this mean I can’t use condoms?

Absolutely not! Latex allergies are fairly common, but there are condoms made of other materials, like polyurethane. Use a non-latex condom (you can buy these or get them at your local family planning clinic) or a female condom, which are effective against both pregnancy and STDs.


My girlfriend needs advice picking out a birth control method and I don’t know anything about them! How can I help her?

First of all, it’s wonderful that you’re a supportive partner and want to help your girlfriend make this important decision. This can be a daunting goal though, since you don’t know much about birth control methods. Don’t worry! Take a look at our page on different methods and ask her what her preferences are. 


My periods are really irregular and painful. I have to miss days in school sometimes because of it. Would birth control help? Can I take it even if I’m not having sex?

Absolutely! You’d be surprised how many girls take birth control even if they’re not  having sex. It’s definitely a safe option to help regulate and lighten periods. Hormonal birth control will probably clear up your skin a little bit as well. Keep in mind though, there are some possible negative side effects possible too, like headaches, nausea, and some weight gain. It’d be a good idea to bring up the idea of birth control with your doctor to get a better understanding of which method might work for your particular needs.


My boyfriend says condoms are too tight on him and that they’re uncomfortable, so he won’t wear one. What should I do?

Don’t have unprotected sex! Since condoms stretch to about 800 times their regular size, it’s almost impossible for them to be “too tight.” There’s also a variety of condom sizes available, which will be sure to fit your boyfriend comfortably. You can get these at your local family planning clinic, at most drugstores, or maybe at  your school. If your boyfriend is unwilling to wear a condom, you can always use a female condom and wear one yourself! Using condoms should be important to both of you, and yours and your  boyfriend’s priorities should be to keep both of you protected while you enjoy a physical relationship. You can express your feelings by saying, “I really want us to enjoy sex together, but I won’t be able to unless we’re being safe.”



Is using two condoms safer than using one?

Nope! Use one condom (male OR female) and ONE CONDOM only at a time. Using more than one causes friction, and can increase the chance of the condom(s) breaking.

Can you get pregnant the first time you have sex?

Absolutely. Sperm do not discriminate, whether it’s the first time, the 15th time, or the 300th time, you can get pregnant just as easily.


Can my partner tell if I’m a virgin?

Contrary to popular belief, no one can tell whether or not you’re a virgin, unless you actually tell them. Though many people might say that a girl’s hymen (a thin piece of tissue near the entrance of the vagina) “breaks” when she has sex, this is a myth. The hymen already has holes in it (for blood to come out during menstruation)  and it can stretch easily. Many girls tear or stretch their hymens doing regular things while growing up, like playing different sports, riding horses, or using tampons. Anyone who tells you that your hymen “breaks” when you have sex for the first time is misinformed. For some women, vaginal intercourse for the first time can be uncomfortable, but others feel no discomfort at all. If you feel that you’re ready to have sex, communicating with your partner first is the best thing to do. This way you know you’re on the same page and feel comfortable talking about important things, like protection, with them.


Does a girl always bleed when she loses her virginity?

Not at all! A lot of movies and tv shows lead us to believe that losing your virginity is the same kind of experience for everyone. It’s not! Some girls bleed (though only a little) when they lose their virginity, some don’t at all. Some girls experience some discomfort their first time having sex, and some girls don’t. That’s why it’s so important to be sure you’re ready, both emotionally and physically, to move slowly and communicate with your partner if you’re feeling uncomfortable at all and want to slow down or stop. Communication is the best way to feel connected to your partner and be able to fully enjoy what you’re doing together!


Can a girl still get pregnant if she has sex during her period?

Absolutely. Though girls usually ovulate  (when the egg is released from the ovary) 11-21 days from their last period, this is not always accurate for everyone, especially for young women whose periods aren’t always regular yet. Even if a girl knew when she was ovulating, she could still get pregnant from having sex during her period since sperm can live in the body for 3-5 days. It’s very important to always use protection, no matter what time of the month you’re having sex.